Favorites Breakdown: Bring Me the Horizon’s “That’s the Spirit”


So since Bring Me the Horizon went and dropped another bomb on us (aka, album), and I haven’t posted about my 8 year long band crushes in a while, I thought it be best to post talk about their newest songs- in order of my personal favorites. Not to say I haven’t been listening to the whole thing (over and over and over) for the past month and a half since it released- because I have. And if you’ve read my past posts (here, also here) over BMTH, you know I already gave it a 15 out of 5.

I’m just going to talk about THREE songs so let’s jump straight into it:

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Thoughts on Bring Me the Horizon “Throne”


Speed post number two! A quick blurb novel on what I think of Bring Me the Horizon’s newest song, Throne.

I gotta say, I was very confused by this one when I first heard it. I admittedly hadn’t been paying close attention to Bring Me the Horizon releases as of late- I’ve been pretty busy trying to meet my reading goal of 60 books this year and I’m only at 10 (I just started this past month).

Admitting that I’m so behind is painful- but we’re not here to talk about my reading progress!

I didn’t recognize it as Bring Me the Horizon for a solid five to seven seconds and just squinted at the screen, waiting for the vocals to come along, extremely confused as to what was going on. The fact that the music video was so obscure from the get go should’ve clued me in, but I’m kind of oblivious to some things most of the time. I still felt my eyebrows shoot up when Oliver popped up on my screen.

Whaddaya know, it’s actually BMTH.

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EXCLUSIVE: Calamity Jane Debut “Rest Easy” Music Video

Anchor Music News

The boys from Belton are back! Calamity Jane is releasing their brand new music video to a brand new song you’ve never heard before TODAY, exclusively on Anchor Music News.

The last time we saw these guys, they were fresh off of releasing their EP “We’ll Explain When We Get There” which garnered high praise from the likes of Absolute Punk, Property of ZackFor The Love of Punk, and more. In a recent Facebook message, the band had taken a vow of silence to finish writing their new record and from the looks of the video the silence did them good. “Little update. We are going to take a break for just a little while, and we’re going to get this album written for all of you… We’ll see you guys when we have more songs!”

During their silence they went into the studio with Joshua Flores…

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Bring Me the Horizon Releases New Single “Drown”

Photo provided by KERRANG
Photo provided by KERRANG

I’ll be the first to admit that I stumbled across Bring Me the Horizon during my days on myspace. It was shortly after they had released their album “This is What the Edge of Your Seat is Made For” (that was eight years ago, for those of you who needed to be reminded just how old you are now). Thirteen year old me was hooked right from the start, and now that I’m a grand  twenty years old, I still have a full on “BRB CRYING one direction fangirl status” freakouts when they announce new a new single/album/tour WHATEVER. We don’t need to talk about how I full on squealed in the middle of the pasta aisle at the grocery store when I saw the announcement via Instagram.

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