Books That Let Me Down



Today is the day I will not be ranting and raving over a book for once, but rather the opposite.

There will  come a time in every book lover’s life where you just read something that’s just… eh. And then there will be the times that make you write this post because the book you read was just so god-awful. Maybe you heard through a friend of a friend that this book in particular would be the best thing since Harry Potter and it’s so amazing that you’ll be left waiting on the edge of your seat for the sequel for as long as it takes…  but then you read it.

And it sucks.

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child *SPOILER FREE*



Allow me to preface this post off by saying I waited 5 days after the release of this book for Amazon to even SHIP my copy to me. Otherwise, I would have had this post done a while ago. I mean, what does pre-ordering do for me if I don’t even get it the day it’s released, Amazon? Come on.


Can I just say I went full nerd when I opened the mailbox and saw my book inside? Lost it. In the street. We have a mailbox we share with the rest of the block, so I’m sure my neighbors saw me/heard me. Then watched as a twenty-one year old woman sprinted back down the street clutching a box to her chest while squealing with glee like a five year old with a kitten.

You might think, “Wow, Rachel, I’m pretty sure you didn’t actually do that, you’re much to poised and adult for such a thing!” 

Absolutely… not the case.

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2015 Reads in Review



Happy New Year to you all!

Hope it’s all been well and good for you so far, but lets get back to business with some book related posts! Last year I unfortunately did not meet my good reads goal of 40 books before the first of January. I did start in July, so 40 might have been a little steep, but I managed to get through 26 books- that’s 8,682 pages!

High five, A+, whatever. I’ve set my Goodreads goal to 50 books in 2016, which is definitely possible considering I read 26 books in a span of about 5 months.

So lets get right to it!

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Book Review #4: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Banner by myself.
Banner by myself.

Welcome back to another book review on Pending.!

Hey everyone! This time around I’ll be reviewing a A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. This book is highly reviewed on Goodreads, YouTube, and on the blogging community, so I had high expectations of it (and bare bones knowledge of what it was even about) when I finally decided to pick it up at target. I even made a mission out of finding a copy in store rather than wait for it to arrive off Amazon because Regan from PeruseProject said it was one of her favorites. Thanks Regan.

I’m sure not reading this but this purchase is all your fault.

If we’re judging this book off of it’s cover, then I wouldn’t have gotten as far as reading it. First time I saw it at Target it was before I had seen Regan or Sasha gushing about it and I took a gander at the synopsis, scoffed at it, put it down, came back, read it again, read the first page, put it back down, came back, looked up reviews, looked at the hardcover under the dust jacket, put it down- and then left it there.

There’s a quick sneak peek into my book shopping habits for you. That’s why Austin doesn’t go with me anymore. I’m very indecisive.

But moving on, I ended up buying, reading it, crying over it, listening to sad music over it, and I kinda want to read it again now that I’m thinking about it.

Way to spoil that review.

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