Textless Tuesday: Zack’s (Mcilreavey) Channel Art


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Shade and Praise: Pearl (RPDR Season 7)

Photo credit: Pearl Liaison. Edits by myself. I ain't lookin' to get sued.
Photo credit: Pearl Liaison. Edits by myself. I ain’t lookin’ to get sued.

Welcome to the first installment of…something.

I don’t want to say review, because this isn’t a review. If there’s a damn title at the top of this that isn’t “My Obsession with Drag Has Reached a Whole New Level and I Don’t F*cking Care”  then I managed to figure something out that met Pending. standards.

If not, we’ll figure out some newer, better shit later. For now, I’m here to gag over one of my favorite queens of drag: Pearl Liaison. I am a HUGE fan of high glam, modern Drag that defies the idea of just being a man in a dress. Drag is an art, man. I hear beauty gurus dropping mentions of drag techniques in their daily routines, professional makeup artists, even my co workers have sung the high praises of “cooking” your highlights/concealer/etc. Kim K’s makeup artist wasn’t the one who invented that trick, honey. Drag has had input in everything from your foundation routine to the new focus on your ‘on fleek’ eyebrows.

So, now that I’ve gotten my paragraph of rambling out of the way- lets talk about Pearl.

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