My Favorite YouTube Channels


This is going to be a speed post, ladies and gentlemen! For each category two YouTube channels will be posted with a click through photo to the user’s instagram page and a small blurb about why they made this list. Links to their channel will be their usernames on YouTube. So sit back, and take a quick peek at my favorite channels to watch!

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The Story of Boba Fett: Is This Really A Post About My Cat?


The first time I met my cat, Boba, I was on my way home from work.

It was pretty early in my position at my current job, long before my promotions and during the time it was still okay to come in out of dress code to work on the Monday morning shipment. Roughly two years ago, I think.

It was nearly a half an hour drive home back then, and the route I took was relatively scenic. This meant I saw a lot of… things… on the sides of the roads. Dilapidated couches, abandoned cars… and then the animals. Usually skunks, the occasional deer, racoon or two. But my heart breaks whenever I see a dog, or a cat. Not that it doesn’t when I see anything else, don’t get me wrong! But just think, that dog might have belonged to someone. He might have been loved and cared for and had his own little bed, but happened to sneak out of the yard that day.

Now that I’ve begun the emotional scarring- let us continue.

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Sunday Relaxation

See this photo on my instagram too! @lionsforbreakfast
See this photo on my instagram too! @lionsforbreakfast

Hello, loves! This post will be a wee bit late, but that’s okay. Nothing better to start off your week than a post about the weekend to look forward to! Saturday night after a day full of work and an evening full of birthday celebrations, I stayed up late and watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers and gorged myself on spaghetti (and maybe a little ice cream for dessert). For someone like me, who A: is not a fan of going into public, and B: likes sleeping, this Sunday was a day for me to catch up on sleep and do this:

Absolutely. Nothing.

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Like an Abstract Painting.

camichelle_ on instagram
camichelle_ on instagram

On October 28th, 2014 at 3:10 in the afternoon, my grandfather passed away.

His health had been declining for months now, and my parents had been warning me. Bracing me to expect him to pass soon. But just like I always had, I deflected. You can ask anyone close to me- I’m an expert at pretending problems don’t exist. It’s caused me a lot more trouble and pain than it’s saved me- especially in this situation.

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