“What do I do with my hands?”Or, why this week sucks.


Friday was my parent’s anniversary.

I will admit, I’m a bad kid- I could never remember the date. I just knew it was in June sometime before Father’s Day. I’m bad with dates and names and finer details of a lot of things when it involves people, but my family already knew that. I’m not saying that as an excuse, rather than just stating a fact.

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“So…. where have you been?”: A Long Update

Allow me to explain myself.

This past month has been a rather… challenging one, to put it lightly. I could easily just pretend that I haven’t been MIA from my blog since November and just post the next book review, but I feel that wouldn’t be right.

Even though I’m pretty sure the only person who reads my blog is my Mom. If that.

Hi, Mom.

I’m not even sure how to format this. Ugh. You know, that’s actually a great way to summarize this month- “Ugh.”

First off, it started out great. Austin, Zack, and myself found a new place closer to where Zack and I wanted to go back to school. Although we had a very short time period to pack up all of our things and move in, we moved in on the 18th. I had just gotten a job offer the week before, and finally got to put in my notice at my old job.

But on December 15th, my Dad was admitted into the hospital, which, to be upfront, I wasn’t all that concerned about.

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