A Quick Thank You

I wanted to thank a few people, specifically the nurses in the Scott and White ICU who took such wonderful care of my Dad while he was in the hospital. Several of them seemed so invested in him that I get emotional thinking back on how kind they were to visit him. To come and help the nurse currently assigned to him when he took a turn for the worse. To be there to support his family and help us understand what his Doctors were telling us- along with removing the sugarcoating.

I tried to thank them shortly after my Dad died, but all that came out of that was me blubbering into their shoulders as I tried to get words out of my mouth. So, despite the unlikely hood of them seeing this, I’m going to do it here where my face isn’t visible (and thankfully so).

Nurse Chris, thank you for being there in his last moments. You let me read to him up until the moment he was gone and I thank you for allowing me that small comfort. You were quiet and kind to us even in our worst state.

Nurse Dan, you kept us talking and came back to check in on my Dad frequently. Thank you for coming back when I tried to thank you the first time- despite me not being in any state to do so. Hoped you enjoyed Star Wars as much as we did.

Nurse Lynn, you were quiet, but kind and I appreciated the lack of sugarcoating. We needed it. You asked to be kept in the loop on his condition despite already staying late to make sure he pulled through when things began to go south, and that small request meant a lot to us.

Nurse Tyler, you don’t like chocolate, which is weird (and the fact that I remember that probably is too), but you were kind and did everything you could to help my Dad for as long as you could. Your pillow hoarding is also appreciated.

Nurse Maggie, I only saw you once, but thank you all the same.

Nurse Amanda, I was probably rather annoying the first night I stayed overnight in the ICU. I couldn’t sleep, I was hungry, and tried to read in the dark, but you didn’t make me feel uncomfortable and you were kind. I thought your hair ribbons were a nice touch.

Nurse Heather, your cheekbones could cut a man. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Thank you for saying hello and smiling even when my Dad began go go downhill. I appreciate the small gesture. You came back to help when it was already past time for you to go home, and I thank you for sacrificing your time.

Nurse Donna, I had planned on staying the night again, but I had reached  my emotional cap. Even though you had only seen me for a short time, you wished me goodnight and the best on my way out of the building. You didn’t ask why I was leaving, or make me feel bad. Thank you for taking care of him.

There are of course, many more whose names I don’t have. But I thank you all the same, and I wish you all the best.



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