Favorites Breakdown: Bring Me the Horizon’s “That’s the Spirit”


So since Bring Me the Horizon went and dropped another bomb on us (aka, album), and I haven’t posted about my 8 year long band crushes in a while, I thought it be best to post talk about their newest songs- in order of my personal favorites. Not to say I haven’t been listening to the whole thing (over and over and over) for the past month and a half since it released- because I have. And if you’ve read my past posts (here, also here) over BMTH, you know I already gave it a 15 out of 5.

I’m just going to talk about THREE songs so let’s jump straight into it:

Track #7: Avalanche

First time I heard a snippet of this song was on Jon Hill’s Snapchat just after he had picked up his own copy of BMTH’s “That’s the Spirit”. I only heard about five seconds of it- but I had that five seconds worth of lyrics stuck in my head for the next 24 hours until the album dropped on Spotify. So, while still being within the genre I typically listen to, the lyrics will still catchy enough to where I would catch myself humming that five seconds of song over and over while I’m folding laundry. This is most definitely my most played song for the whole month after their album was released.

Track #5: Follow You

Being the sap who’s been in a relationship for six years, this song says a lot to me (and my boyfriend’s tolerance of me). Plus the fact that Oliver did get hitched this year to his gal Hannah– this song speaks volumes.

Track #4: True Friends 

Conveniently enough, BMTH also released the music video to this song on the 5th of this month- I’ve of course, posted it above for your viewing pleasure. Just as before, the song is catchy as f*ck, but the old saying of being ‘stabbed in the back’ is given a pretty straight forward twist that  hits a little close to home.

Oliver left a comment on their lyric video for this track that explains his reasoning behind the song, stating that ““True Friends” is about certain people more than others,” situations that really “cut him up” in the past and throughout his life.  

“I don’t hold hate or anger towards anyone. Maybe I used to, but it’s just too draining of an emotion and this song is about making peace with those situations – Oli”

I can’t help but agree with the message he sends with his statement- hate is too draining to waste your time on, and I’m definitely the kind of person who agrees with that. While situations in the past may have left me a little bit bothered, it’s more mature to just move on.


That’s all, ladies and gents- just a quick post for today. If you’d like to read my last two posts about Bring Me The Horizon click here (for my highly biased review of their single “Throne”) and here (for my announcement of their single “Drown”).

Thanks for reading (and listening)!



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