How To: Gold Letter Magnets


Hello everybody! I missed my Textless Tuesday due to a family emergency (and I forgot to schedule it). I ain’t gonna stoop so low as to post Textless Tuesday on a Wednesday so here’s a quickly thrown together How To!

Quick disclaimer– I totally stole this off of pinterest

Step One: Buy Letter Magnets. 

Everything you’ll need. 

I don’t have a picture for this one because I didn’t realize I was going to do this tutorial until I realized I missed Textless Tuesday (whoops). I just bought mine out of the dollar bins at Target, but I only got two. I’d advice purchasing three or four packs so you have enough letters to spell out whatever you want.

Step Two: Find Gold Spray Paint

My gold spray paint of choice. 

I already had some. You might have to buy some. If I had remembered that this one does NOT have  glossy finish I probably would have just purchased a new one. I’ll be going over my letters with a glossy spray later on (when I decide to care).

Oh and cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or somthin’. Don’t need to be inhaling fumes now, do ya?

Step 3: Protect yo’ floor. 

The last thing you want is to leave evidence to your landlord that you were painting in the garage. I just used some duct tape to tape down some packaging I was going to throw out anyway.

Step 4: Lay out your letters and begin painting. 

Before and during.
Before and during.

Pro tip: Make sure they’re not touching each other and you get all the nooks and crannies. The spray paint will move them around some. I used a chopstick to move them around while painting so I didn’t get the paint all over my fingers.

Warning: I still got paint on my fingers.

Step 5: Let them dry. 


DO NOT MOVE THEM. They’re still wet, ya dingus. You’ll need to spray them with a second coat later. I didn’t do this but I’m telling you to because I should have.

Do as I say, not as I do, young Padawan.

Step 6: Repaint. 

We're gonna pretend I repainted these.
We’re gonna pretend I repainted these. And that I didn’t get paint on the floor. 

This step is self explanatory. Make sure you get every last bit covered. I didn’t do this so mine have splotchy spots.

Step 7: Put em’ on yo fridge. 

This is my fridge. I doesn't say lionsforbrkfast anymore. I live with two dudes- I'll leave it to your imagination to think up what they've been spelling with these.
This is my fridge. I doesn’t say lionsforbrkfast anymore. I live with two dudes- I’ll leave it to your imagination to think up what they’ve been spelling with these.

I didn’t put a “Let them dry again” step because I figured that’s common sense.

We mostly use them to spell bad words with since we’re a group of twenty somethings living in a house with no kids (unless you count our dogs, but they can’t read). But if you have kids, I’d advise against spelling bad words with them (unless they can’t read, then I would strongly consider using these to teach them how).

Hope this was useful to you (bet it wasn’t)- and Textless Tuesday will resume next Tuesday! Posting this week might be limited- I’ve got some personal matters to sort out.

Thanks for reading!



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