Thoughts on Bring Me the Horizon “Throne”


Speed post number two! A quick blurb novel on what I think of Bring Me the Horizon’s newest song, Throne.

I gotta say, I was very confused by this one when I first heard it. I admittedly hadn’t been paying close attention to Bring Me the Horizon releases as of late- I’ve been pretty busy trying to meet my reading goal of 60 books this year and I’m only at 10 (I just started this past month).

Admitting that I’m so behind is painful- but we’re not here to talk about my reading progress!

I didn’t recognize it as Bring Me the Horizon for a solid five to seven seconds and just squinted at the screen, waiting for the vocals to come along, extremely confused as to what was going on. The fact that the music video was so obscure from the get go should’ve clued me in, but I’m kind of oblivious to some things most of the time. I still felt my eyebrows shoot up when Oliver popped up on my screen.

Whaddaya know, it’s actually BMTH.

Photo owned by Kerrang press.
Photo owned by Kerrang press.

Throne certainly is a new sound for Bring Me, and obviously everyone has an opinion on it- but damn I think it’s still good. I’m positive Bring Me the Horizon could come out with a ‘song’ of Oliver reading bad fanfiction recorded on a cell phone and I would still love it.

Incredibly biased review, here we come!


Immediately after seeing the video and listening to it about five times, I did a bit of sleuthing (googling), looking for release information on their upcoming album. First article to come up was one about Bring Me the Horizon announcing that they were drifting away from the Metalcore genre on purpose to explore a sound of their own. I can agree that this song was certainly one of the best songs to do so with. It’s quite easy to see that the older BMTH community is rather up in arms with every single BMTH release that has ever existed, but this one might take the cake.

Comments on the music video compared them to Linkin Park half of the time, while the other was built of arguments between upset fans defending BMTH’s right to change their sound whenever they please- and whether or not they should. And there was a lot of comments. The Analytics on the YouTube release of this song are staggering, and there’s a lot of thoughts to sift through in that comment section.

throne analytics
One million views since July 24, 2015, six years worth of time watched, 3K+ subs resulted by watching, and 34K shares.

It should have been expected by now that BMTH was going to take quite a drastic shift in their sound once they released Drown (which I also did a post on, if you’d like to read) and Happy Song- which I’ve also replayed about a hundred and two times. But somehow people are still surprised that people in a band like to play around with the music they produce. Who knew human beings like to try new things every now and then?

That’s like telling me I should just stick to book reviews. Nah man, I do what I want.


But there is a question that begs to be answered: Will this dramatic change in BMTH result in the band finally fading into the background? 

While there obviously isn’t a definitive answer to this question- my answer is I certainly hope not. We’ve seen it happen before with other bands who decided to jump ship on their starting genre, hopefully this jump isn’t so far that BMTH misses the edge of the chasm.


I’m starting to think that people also missed the glaring references to their older songs in past albums.

“I was an ocean, lost in the open…”

” you can throw me to the wolves
Tomorrow I will come back
Leader of the whole pack”

Can You Feel My Heart- Sempiternal

“Beat me black and blue,”

Black and Blue- Count Your Blessings

Maybe I’ll name more as I find them, but for now, I thought it was a good observation left to be chewed on.

Overall, I like this song. I’m excited to see what Bring Me the Horizon has in store for the new album. And this speed review turned into a FULL review, so enjoy that.

Now, I’ll let you watch the video.

If you would like a Wallpaper out of an image I used in this review click here


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