My Favorite YouTube Channels


This is going to be a speed post, ladies and gentlemen! For each category two YouTube channels will be posted with a click through photo to the user’s instagram page and a small blurb about why they made this list. Links to their channel will be their usernames on YouTube. So sit back, and take a quick peek at my favorite channels to watch!

My Favorite channels for: Book Reviews

abookutopia sasha

abookuptopia (180,815 subscribers 11,641,572 views) 

Hosted by: Sasha Alsberg

This channel is fast-paced, quirky, and posts frequently. Sasha, the owner of this channel, is a chicago based college student whose personality in videos is bright and cheerful- though she does speak quickly, her reviews are quick and concise.


PeruseProject (103,491 subscribers 5,695,605 views)

Hosted by: Regan (if someone knows her last name, please let me know!)

PeruseProject is a channel owned by Regan (insert last name here), a college student in Austin, Texas (TEXAS REPRESENT). This channel provides a wide range of genres and subject matters up for review, not to mention that Regan’s reviews of each book are incredibly thorough and are beautifully worded. Would recommend for those looking for more in depth reviews and a short star rating to boot.


My Favorite channels for: Travel Vlogging

Ben Brown

Mr. Ben Brown (370,864 subscribers 46,906,741 views)

Hosted By: Ben Brown

This channel is a daily vlogging channel owned by Ben Brown, a photographer, film maker, and world traveler. Based out of the UK, Ben often travels the world with friends or on his own while filming his journey the entire way. His vlogs are fast paced and beautifully edited in a way that makes them an easy watch.


FunForLouis (1,479,503 subscribers 142,772,473 views)

Hosted by: Louis Cole

Louis Cole is certainly a nomad. Rarely in one place for any amount of time, Louis travels the world what seems like constantly. His personality is bright and sincere, and his travels frequently involve humanitarian work or support. Louis is also friends with fellow travel vlogger Ben Brown.

Ben Brown 2

My Favorite channels for: Lifestyle and Entertainment

Alli Speed

Alli (561,293 subscribers 43,553,929 views)

Hosted By: Alli Speed

While Alli’s most popular videos on her channel are her favorites and drunk gaming episodes, my favorite videos are her semi-weekly vlogs. Alli’s demeanor is kind and her humor is one of my favorites of anyone I’ve ever watched online. Plus, her dog is really stinkin’ cute and his non-stop energy reminds me of my own bub, Obi!

Lindsey Bell

Lindsey Bell (55,623 subscribers 980,430 views)

Hosted by: Lindsey Bell

While it sucks that Danny and Lindsey broke up, the two of them have continued to post their own respective vlogs on their own channels (Click here for Danny’s). While I’m not picking favorites out of the two, I chose to put Lindsey on this list because I can relate to her interests better since her career revolves around fashion and beauty. Her personality is definitely cheery and I’m certainly a huge fan of the slightly awkward humor. Lindsey is currently a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and works her retail job (like myself!) along with vlogging.

Lindsey Bell 2

My Favorite Channels for: Beauty 

Shannon Harris

Shaaanxo (1,860,046 subscribers 153,517,408 views)

Hosted By: Shannon Harris

I can’t get enough of the variety on Shannon’s channel! Her videos are so diverse because she isn’t afraid of doing a graphic liner like the one in her Maybelline Collaboration, and her lipstick collection is something I could only dream of having. While I have very similar tastes to Shannon, I find her channel informative and interesting since being a New Zealand based YouTuber means that she has access to brands that may not be available in the US. Shannon also doesn’t limit herself to favoring one finish over another, nor shows any fear towards any shade of the rainbow that could possibly be put into cosmetic form.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill (2,155,320 subscribers 141,475,624 views )

Hosted by: Jaclyn Hill

This woman is the reason I want to dunk my face in a bowl of highlighter every morning so that I too have a little bit of that glowing, dewy fleekness. Her experience as a professional makeup artist makes her an expert on how different products may look on differing skin types, tones, textures, what have you- and she’s got the skills to show you how to use them to boot.

I will openly admit that when I first began my current job, I often referred to Jaclyn to educate me on cosmetics that I wasn’t familiar with, or skin types that I had never dealt with before. Like- shit, I wouldn’t even know that filling in your eyebrows was a thing if it wasn’t for this woman. Plus, her recently released highlighter she collaborated with Becca Cosmetics on is one of my FAVORITE highlighters of all time, and broke the record for most units sold on a release date! I’m buying a back up as soon as my wallet allows because I never want to be without!

And- her snapchat is f*cking hilarious. You keep doing you, Jaclyn!

Jaclyn Hill 2

Honorable Mentions: 

(In no particular order)

EssieButton– Beauty and Lifestyle

MannyMua– Beauty

Nicole Guerriero– Beauty

WOW Presents– LBGT Awareness and Drag

Batalash Beauty– Beauty (duh)

Fendi Laken– Drag

The Worktop– DIY Tutorials

Thank you for reading!



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