Bring Me the Horizon Releases New Single “Drown”

Photo provided by KERRANG
Photo provided by KERRANG

I’ll be the first to admit that I stumbled across Bring Me the Horizon during my days on myspace. It was shortly after they had released their album “This is What the Edge of Your Seat is Made For” (that was eight years ago, for those of you who needed to be reminded just how old you are now). Thirteen year old me was hooked right from the start, and now that I’m a grand  twenty years old, I still have a full on “BRB CRYING one direction fangirl status” freakouts when they announce new a new single/album/tour WHATEVER. We don’t need to talk about how I full on squealed in the middle of the pasta aisle at the grocery store when I saw the announcement via Instagram.

But lemme tell you what makes this beautiful work of art “Drown” such an amazing thing worthy of a “fangirl freakout”. 

These lyrics are the absolute perfect balance. Not too sappy, not too inspirational to the point I want to barf. Just right amount of head banging goodness that I’ll be playing as loudly as I can during my daily commute that still makes soccer moms glare at me. Somehow or another Bring Me the Horizon has managed to transform into a band that brings the perfect amount of melody to attract a wide, and new audience, yet keep their ye old faithful fans (ahem, me) happy.

Though, there were those that were upset by the band’s transformation between albums, especially between “There is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It” and “Sempiternal”. Being the highly biased fan that I am, I didn’t see the logic in this. Sure, it was different. It probably took some getting used to, but damn it was good. Oliver’s “scream time” as I like to call it dropped a fairly significant amount, but it didn’t alter their sound so much that BMTH as a band was unrecognizable.

Hard and fast guitar and double bass pedal were slowly converted into what BMTH is presenting us with today. They’re kind of like… a cookie. The perfect cookie with juuuust the right amount of chocolate chips that you get one in each bite, but not so many that you’re trying to scrape chocolate out of your teeth for the next three hours.

But isn’t Oliver Sykes vegan? I’m not sure what metaphor would be more suitable, but you get the point. I’m comparing Bring Me the Horizon to a cookie.

I must be hungry. FOOD CAN WAIT.

In regards to the music video (which is available via youtube, duh), it’s rather tame compared to Bring Me’s past videos. Set to what my best guess is a 60’s live television broadcast (also somewhat reminiscent of The Beatles). I kind of dig it. My two favorite things- Mid Century Modern and tattooed metal band boys. But I’d be lying if I said that this chick didn’t capture my image perfectly the first time I watched this. Bring Me the Horizon seems to have also picked up a new symbol represent their new single as seen here. As you may, or may not have known, “Sempiternal” was represented by the flower of life. I honestly don’t know if this new symbol has anything to do with anything just yet and I’m too lazy to google it.

I’m getting a little off topic. Anyway, even though the boys have seemingly gone off from their usual type of music video, there’s still that little bit of Bring Me the Horizon goodness in the form of Werewolf Matt Nicholls being exorcised by a priest and four nuns. This bit of goodness (that I’m dying for them to plaster onto a shirt) was popped in there along with a distinctly 60’s television show with technical difficulties tune.

Oh, and also, the suits? Hot damn, I’d be lying if I didn’t love that. Twenty year old female here, holla back at me Matt Nicholls. Werewolf or not I’d still be happy to see you.

Lets get to the point here though- you should listen to this. Shit’s good. I think that’s really all you needed to know.

Eleven out of ten, cat’s pajamas, etc, etc, you can listen to it here and it’s currently available for pre-order! The ‘release-release’ date is set for December 7th (why so far, BMTH?!). Can’t wait to hear this song live. Hopefully next tour I’ll be able to snag some tickets with a good view.

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5 thoughts on “Bring Me the Horizon Releases New Single “Drown”

  1. the symbol resembles the “Men of Letters” symbol from the t.v. Show Supernatural…dont’ know the connection besides the werewolf and the exorcism….dig deeper?.. if its worth it.

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